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A Vision: Artfully Imagined – Beautifully Realized

Life After Art Studio brings you a stunning array of artistic expressions in Glass, Metal, Stone and Wood.  We offer our own original designs to you in Furniture and Furnishings, Carved, Etched and Stained Glass, Glass Art, Sculpture and finally Custom Signs.  We also serve as a resource for our clients and design professionals for the custom fabrication of items in these categories.

Whether our vision or yours, we’re committed to producing that dream in a unique, professional, high quality manner.  Thriving on collaboration, striving to expand our scope we invite you to share your desire for the "Artfully Imagined and Beautifully Realized" item that is perfect for your home or business.

Furniture and Furnishings Portfolio   Carved, Etched & Stained Glass Portfolio   Functional Glass Art Portfolio
Furniture and Furnishings   Carved, Etched and
Stained Glass

  Functional Glass Art
Sculptural & Illuminated Glass Art Portfolio   Sculpture Portfolio   Sculpture Portfolio
Sculptural & Illuminated
Glass Art
  Sculpture   Custom Signs

Quality in materials and workmanship combined with a high aesthetic value and an exciting diversity of products gives Life After Art it’s highly regarded reputation.

We want you to have Fine and Applied Art that’s infused with beauty and light and perfectly suited to your need and desire for the pleasure of being surrounded by that which inspires your mind, lifts your heart and enhances your life.

We want to share our passion for nature, lyricism and spirit transformed into forms of incomparable beauty and true meaning.

We want you to share our vision of "The Artfully Imagined – Beautifully Realized" world.

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